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Database updates

In the /admin/dbsync page the administrator can check if any update was not successful and, if so, retry it.

If an update has failed but doesn't register as failed for some reason, the administrator can attempt to re-execute the update. For example for DB update #1999, by visiting the webpage:

Database Tables

abconfigarbitrary storage for connections of local channels
abookconnections of local channels
accountservice provider account
addonregistered plugins
apppersonal app data
attachfile attachments
auth_codesOAuth usage
cacheOEmbed cache
calCalDAV containers for events
channellocal channels
chatchat room content
chatpresencechannel presence information for chat
chatroomdata for the actual chat room
clientsOAuth usage
configmain configuration storage
convDiaspora private messages meta conversation structure
pgrp_memberprivacy groups (collections), group info
pgrpprivacy groups (collections), member info
hookplugin hook registry
hublocxchan location storage, ties a hub location to an xchan
iconfigextensible arbitrary storage for items
issuefuture bug/issue database
itemall posts and webpages
item_id(deprecated by iconfig) other identifiers on other services for posts
likeslikes of 'things'
mailprivate messages
menuwebpage menu data
menu_itementries for webpage menus
objobject data for things (x has y)
outqoutput queue
pconfigpersonal (per channel) configuration storage
photophoto storage
polldata for polls
poll_elmdata for poll elements
profdefcustom profile field definitions
profextcustom profile field data
profilechannel profiles
profile_checkDFRN remote auth use, may be obsolete
registerregistrations requiring admin approval
sessionweb session storage
sharesshared item information
signDiaspora signatures.  To be phased out.
sitesite table to find directory peers
sourcechannel sources data
sys_permsextensible permissions for OAuth
termitem taxonomy (categories, tags, etc.) table
tokensOAuth usage
updatesdirectory sync updates
verifygeneral purpose verification structure
votevote data for polls
xchanlist of known channels in the universe
xchatbookmarked chat rooms
xconfigas pconfig but for channels with no local account
xignchannels ignored by friend suggestions
xlink"friends of friends" linkages derived from poco, also ratings storage
xpermOAuth/OpenID-Connect extensible permissions permissions storage
xprofif this hub is a directory server, contains basic public profile info of everybody in the network
xtagif this hub is a directory server, contains tags or interests of everybody in the network